AerialPlus is a Windows screen saver based on the new Apple TV screen saver that displays the aerial movies Apple shot over New York, San Francisco, Hawaii, China, Space, under the ocean,etc. .

AerialPlus for Windows is originally based on the Mac Aerial, and then forked from the Windows version

The latest source code is available from Github



  • Auto Load Latest Aerials Aerials are loaded directly from Apple, so you're never out of date.
  • Save Local Option to save to your machine so you aren't constantly downloading.
  • Play Different Aerial On Each Display If you've got multiple monitors, this setting loads a different aerial for each of your displays.
  • Show video that matches your day Optionally see day or night video, based on your local time.
  • More videos! Expanded number of videos to watch - from the old citiscapes, to space, to under the sea - in high def.


Download the app here

Change Screen Saver (can find by windows Search in newer versions of windows)

Select AerialPlius (and click settings or preview as neededd)


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